Learning curve!

Now, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to blogging, so I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve got a LOT to learn! I’ve managed to give myself a gravatar (brand new word for me!) that is way better looking than my face, and next I have to try and set up my page so it looks pretty. Have to have a pretty  page!!

So I don’t think posts are going to come thick and fast to start with, as all my spare time will probably be taken up by watching wordpress tutorials. Better go and make myself a cuppa! I plan for this blog to be a creative, happy place. My posts might seem a little disjointed to begin with, but I’m sure I’ll find a flow and a common thread as I go along. I plan to write about my adventures with planning my childrens parties, baking and decorating cakes and cookies for said parties, and my two crazy dogs will probably get a mention or two. I’m also hoping to tackle some furniture restoration and room makeovers this year, so hopefully there will be something for everyone! I’ve spent most of my adult life working as a geologist (boring!!), so now I’m looking forward to mucking around and exploring my creative side. It’s been trying desperately to get out for a while now!

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