Meet our furry children

We have two gorgeous furry children in our family, and I think it’s high time I introduced them to you! They’re both just over a year old, so are still well and truly in the destructive phase of puppyhood. Once upon at time we had a back lawn. And some comfy outdoor chairs. And a garden hose without holes. You get the idea!

I guess it’s our fault, we really should walk them more often. But that was something I didn’t consider before getting two dogs. Walking them both on your own. Hmm, leads wrapped around your legs, dogs going in opposite directions. Recipe for disaster, I say! Maybe that’s why I’ve been avoiding that task a bit lately! Anyway, they seem quite happy to run bog laps around the trampoline.

Our first furry born is Ellie, a golden retriever with a (mostly!) lovely nature. Just don’t go near her when she has a bone…


Our second furry born is Dug. He’s a lagotto, which apparently is a breed of Italian water dog. He’s cute, and I chose him because he doesn’t drop fur. Of course that is completely outweighed by the tumble weed producing retriever. Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!



A penny for your thoughts!

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