I am not a dog groomer

Oh, dearest Dug. You are so cute. But you bring so much dirt into the house.I’ve rung a few local dog groomers, and have sadly been informed on more than one occasion that they only groom small breeds. Now, Dug is not huge, but he doesn’t exactly weigh in as a small dog either. I guess he’s kind of medium sized. Surely there must be someone nearby who can help me tame his unruly, rastafarian hair. And I don’t really want to drive for miles to get there. Am I asking too much?


On the up side, I’m pretty sure I could knit a lovely jumper out of all the woolly clippings that are wafting around the room when we’ve finished! Or maybe a cute little felt purse or hand bag. It’s extra convenient that some of the hair even comes pre-felted! Too easy! I just need to harvest some dreadlocks from behind his ears and and where his collar rubs. Hmm, might make for a nice little home business…the possibilities are boundless 😉

Okay. Enough silly business. I either need to brush up on my scissoring skills, track down a professional, or fork out lots of money for some clippers. Which I’m not even sure will go through Dug’s wooly knots. Oh well, wish me luck!

A penny for your thoughts!

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