So full of enthusiasm


The other day my eldest DLT had her school swimming carnival. She’s been having swimming lessons since she was a tiny tacker, and is great at keeping her head above water – which is what we were aiming for. I just want to know that if any of my children were to fall into a body of water, they would be able to swim to safety. So tick, job done for child number one.

However, speed through the water is another matter altogether. While she LOVES to play in her grandparents pool, when it comes to getting from A to B, this is done at a fairly leisurely pace. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that!


What I just adore about her though, is that she remains so positive and full of enthusiasm, even when she comes last…sometimes by quite a long way! She told her younger siblings that she came fifth. DLT2 was onto her though, and asked how many kids were in her heat! But even when forced to say she had come last, she still had a smile on her face. And she was so disappointed when the carnival had to be cut short due to lightning directly overhead. She was so looking forward to getting back into the pool for her other races!

Aaah. If only we could all learn from her. Wouldn’t we all be so much happier. More satisfied with out lot in life. If we just enjoyed the doing, the experience of the race, and didn’t mind where we finished. 🙂

A penny for your thoughts!

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