From one Carton of Cream…


I bought a thermomix late last year. It almost broke the bank – I had to sell all of the kids old gear. But it doubled as a great opportunity to get rid of stuff we didn’t need any more. Like the pram, change table, kiddie bike seat and bike trailer. You name it, I put it on Gumtree (that’s an Aussie version of Craigs List). And most of it went. Beauty! More space in our very cramped garage, and money in my secret hiding spot to go towards a thermie!

So just before Christmas the shiny new gadget was delivered. It was a bit tricky learning how to use it with the kids all at home for the holidays. But since they’ve been back at school I’ve been having all sorts of fun with this fancy machine. I don’t use it every day. But it has inspired me to try making things from scratch that I previously would never have even considered. Some things I didn’t even know it was possible to make at home – I thought you could only buy them from the supermarket! 😉

On the weekend DLT2 and I had a go at making butter. Yes, you can do that! We poured a carton of cream into the thermie and whizzed it like it had never been whizzed before. Now usually I get upset when I over-whip cream. That solid lump just isn’t the same dolloped on top of a delicious dessert. But when we heard our cream start thumping around in the bowl, we got excited. Yippee, we’d made butter! And as an added bonus, we poured off about a cup of fresh buttermilk. I’ve never seen butter so white before, I’m not sure why the store bought version is yellow? But it has to be full of natural (though rather fatty!) goodness, doesn’t it. No nasties added in a factory somewhere. I’ll have to try adding salt next time, I do love a bit of saltiness on my buttered toast. And it helps it last longer. Pity it goes so hard in the fridge. I wonder if it will be okay left on the counter?

As for the buttermilk, I used that today to make some blueberry muffins. They got two thumbs up from the kids – not really surprising, cos they were full of brown sugar, and the kids have been a bit deprived of the sweet stuff lately! Next time I’ll have a go at reducing the sugar content.


By the way, the second time we made butter, I blended through a quarter of a cup of olive oil, and a few pinches of salt. Now we can spread it straight from the fridge – pretty cool, right! Definitely still needs more salt though. Mmmm, salty goodness. 🙂

A penny for your thoughts!

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