It’s been a long time since I studied maths. In fact it’s not much more than a distant memory {along with pretty much anything that happened more than five minutes years ago – I’m a bit of a gold fish!} My 9 year old DLT1 came home all excited last week with a note offering places in a before school maths club for her year group. So we signed her up, and got her to school this morning half an hour earlier than usual. I’m pretty sure I should be in the running for some kind of medal for that effort. 😉 The fact that I was unshowered, unbrushed, and not completely dressed is beside the point!

She enjoyed the session, and showed us some homework she’d been given. I read the question, and had a flash back to high school algebra. Feeling pretty confident I got out a pen and paper and started working it out. Hubs was feeling more than a little smug cos he thought he had worked it out already – in his head no less! I didn’t believe that for a second. I’m pretty sure I’m better at maths than him.

Here’s how the question went.


And here’s my really clever working out. I got there – eventually. And after a lot of fluffing about. I’m not sure how they expected 9 year olds to figure out a maths problem using high school level algebra and simultaneous equations. Funny thing is she did work it out though. And with a lot less messing about.


Sometimes I think I make things a little bit more difficult than I need to! Ah, the story of my life! 😉

A penny for your thoughts!

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