Afternoon snack

I’ve just made myself a snack. A yummy flat white, decaf of course, because I’d like to be able to fall asleep at a decent hour tonight! And my favourite sweet sandwich. I know, I shouldn’t really use white bread, but the kids love it (and Hubs too, just quietly). Plus I always make sure I choose a high fibre loaf, so it’s not all bad!

I’m guessing you’ve all heard of PB & J – the good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don’t think it’s as widespread here in Oz as it is in the States, but it’s a great combo. I’d happily serve it up at my kids parties, if it wasn’t for the crazy number of kids with nut allergies at our school.

Anyway, I never really cottoned on to PB & J. But a few years ago I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Let’s face it, you really have to combine the peanut butter with something else to stop it firmly attaching itself to the roof of your mouth. And honey really does the trick.


Now that I’m avoiding fructose though, I’ve swapped out honey for rice malt syrup. On it’s own I don’t think it’s quite as flavoursome as honey, but mixed with other ingredients it’s a winner. And I’ve found a great natural peanut butter with no added anything! It’s just pure ground up peanuts. Gotta love a product with no additives!

So now I’m off to enjoy my snack. What’s your favourite sandwich?


A penny for your thoughts!

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