Back on the horse

blog_feb7114I can’t believe we’ve gone from one lot of school holidays to the next and I’ve only done one post. How terrible is that! Sometimes things feel like they’re getting on top of me, although I know many people cope perfectly well with way more stress and challenges than three kids and two dogs can bring into your life! The good news is I’ve almost

managed to find my desk. There are actually a few clear spots where I can see the wood grain – after “Filing” lots of the kids “artwork” {bad parent moment maybe, but it felt SO good to throw away some of the accumulated treasures!}

Anyway, now that I can get to my computer again I’m hoping to be more diligent with my blogging. I’ve got a few projects on the go…I’m planning to paint some of my old furniture, as well as some cool second hand pieces I picked up from Gumtree. I’m giving our master bedroom a make over, and I might tackle the front hall while I’m at it. And I’m thinking of putting together an e-book (or two?!) on planning and carrying out kids parties. Not to mention posts on the last couple of parties we’ve had in recent months. So much on the go, so stay tuned….now, to work!!

A penny for your thoughts!

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