Walking the dog

I’ve been avoiding walking the dogs for a long time now, only really going out on weekends when I’ve got the rest of the family there for extra help. The reason being that both of our dogs are terrible pullers. It makes walking them hard work, dangerous for the kids, and just not much fun all round.

dog  lead

So yesterday when I was at the local pet store buying the pups a giant bag of food, I checked out the lead and collar aisle with a nose halter in mind. In the past we’ve tried a chest harness, but that really just gave the dogs more leverage to tug against! They don’t mind having extra pressure on their chests!

I took them out for a walk this morning, and I have to say, I’m completely happy! The dogs not so much…they weren’t used to something over their noses. Ellie kept stopping and trying to pull it off with her paws, very funny to watch!

dog yuk

But overall the nose halter was a great success. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who owns a dog that pulls on their lead. They really don’t like the pressure across the bridge of their nose, so they just don’t pull. Hooray. Here’s to lots of happy walks with the dogs! 😀

dog river

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