One more sleep!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are jumping on a plane and heading north to spend some time in the sun. For six days we can escape our Southern Hemisphere winter and laze by the pool and relax. Possibly even with a cocktail! One more sleep. I can’t wait 😀 Broome here we come!camel2

{Project} DIY Artwork

Even though we’ve been living in our current house for a few years now, there is still an abundance of blank wall space. Our house hasn’t really been transformed into a home yet. We kind of just threw our stuff and ourselves into the space and went on living. We’ve managed to make our mark on the house in some ways though. Plenty of grubby hand prints adorn the lower part of the walls, there are random chew marks from when our dogs were puppies, and scratches from the slightly neurotic Dug trying to get through the door during an occasional thunderstorm!

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Magical Mystery Tour: Heading East

My other half was inspired by our recent stay at the farm, and decided we need to get out more often on the weekends instead of letting the kids sit in front of various screens! He didn’t give much away as we all piled into the car, and we didn’t bring any mobile devices. The kids actually looked out of the windows…and talked! What a nice change. 😀

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