Magical Mystery Tour: Heading East

My other half was inspired by our recent stay at the farm, and decided we need to get out more often on the weekends instead of letting the kids sit in front of various screens! He didn’t give much away as we all piled into the car, and we didn’t bring any mobile devices. The kids actually looked out of the windows…and talked! What a nice change. 😀

After stopping briefly for some supplies (you’ve got to have snacks for a magical mystery tour!) we headed east towards the hills. Had I known our destination involved dirt tracks I probably would have worn slightly more suitable shoes!


We drove along a random track through the bush and came across a camel train. I think they were equally surprised to see us on a normally deserted track!


For lunch Hubs was very organised and pulled out a little gas burner and frying pan (most unlike him – what’s going on there?!). He had fun being tong master out of the back of the car while the kids wandered around and climbed trees.


We played some bush bocce, played name that plant, tried not to stand on ants nests, then drove on to see what else we could find. We ended up at Mundaring Weir, the dam that supplies a lot of the drinking water to our little city of Perth. Back in the good old days people used to boat and swim in the dam, until they decided it probably was best left alone before it came out of our kitchen taps!

bush bocce

The kids enjoyed seeing and learning about a bit of local history, and we even got up close to some local fauna. And of course I had fun taking lots of photos! What’s not to love about a day out enjoying nature!


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