Madness…school holiday style!

It’s the mid-year school holidays here in Perth, and now that we’re home from our trip to Broome (ouch – major reality check!) it’s become all about keeping the kids amused!

I don’t have the stamina (or the funds!) to take them out every day, so we try to have a few home days thrown in here and there. Sometimes it’s just us and we might bake, or maybe do some craft or play a board game.

Other days we invite some friends over for a play. Today we had four extras in the house. That’s a total of seven kidlets! It seemed like a good idea in my head, but was slightly more work than I’d figured. I was hoping my children would each play nicely with their friends and I’d get a bit of quiet time. Nu-uh! The boys wanted to play ball, and apparently the back yard was not good enough, so I had to be out there with them to make sure they didn’t dart onto the road! madness1 They watched a movie for a while, but in order to make it just right they rearranged the furniture to create a cushion nest. After that they spread around the house – boys at one end, girls at the other. Well kind of! Boys throwing things at each other and girls listening to music and playing with dolls.madness2 Then as the middle of the day rolled on, I was asked when I was going to serve lunch – I felt like the chef in a cafe! Orders were placed and I used a whole loaf of bread to make various flavours of toasted sandwiches, and placed a box of fruit in front of them! Tummies full, for the time being!madness3 After a trip to the local park I snuck into the study to hide for a while. All was well in the world. Apart from one lost tooth, a slightly over enthusiastic soccer tackle on the front lawn (sorry, my bad!) and the occasional argument. Oh, and then there was the apple core I found floating in the toilet bowl. So far no-one has owned up to that little indiscretion!

Tomorrow will definitely just be us. I wonder if I can convince them to spend the day in bed?! 😛

A penny for your thoughts!

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