Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

A while ago I wrote about some delicious cookies I received at a wedding. I enjoyed those cookies so much, but suffered the next day from sugar withdrawals. {Sob} I really want to be able to enjoy sweet goodies like these from time to time. So I got the recipe from the gorgeous Jas over at the gluten free scallywag, and tried to change it to include fructose free ingredients.

I don’t have much experience with altering recipes, and that was very apparent in the end results! I made half a batch of the regular sugar version, and half substituting dextrose (glucose powder) and rice malt syrup for the sugar and honey. I used dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate, so there was still some fructose in there.

cookie Collage2

I think the flavour was okay, but the cookies just didn’t rise like the others. They were so flat, a completely different texture, and came out with lots of little holes on top. So, needless to say, I was the only one eating those sad little cookies. And as it turns out, none of my kids really like peanut butter – what is wrong with them?!

Could sugar be to blame?

Oh my, they were such beautiful looking cookies. They were given to us as a take home gift at the wedding we went to on the weekend. And I was so good on the night. I said no thank you to all the beautiful home made desserts, and just had some yummy berries and cream.


But the next day, those gorgeous cookies in the brown cardboard box, tied with blue and white twine were calling to me as I got my morning coffee. “Peanut butter and chocolate chip” the thank you tag read. And the smell…ooh, it was divine.

So I ate one. It was a special occasion after all – well, the day after, anyway! And I’m not a complete anti-sugar wowzer. That cookie went down sooo easily, and I had incredibly happy taste buds. [sigh + dreamy smile!]

There were two in each box. And over two days I ate three (thanks for sharing Hubs!). But come Tuesday morning I felt like, um, better not use the word I was thinking of!! Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly feeling great. I felt really tired, and I had such a fuzzy head.


So fuzzy in fact I managed to scrape the side of the car on a post in the shopping centre car park (haven’t told Hubs about that one yet! :o). Luckily most of the marks were paint from the post and I managed to wipe those off! Phew, crisis averted.

But even after I had downed a much needed coffee, I still felt slow, and low. And I’m pretty embarrassed to admit I kind of lost the plot when the girl at the check out told me I couldn’t have the tokens from the lady in front of me. Even though said lady was happy to share. Good grief, it was all I could do not to burst into tears right there!

We all have ups and downs in our day to day lives, and this was definitely a down. But was it just one of those days we all have? Then it dawned on me. I had just consumed sugary treats over the past two days, and had more sugar in my system than I had in almost 12 months. One of the reasons I decided to cut right back on sugar was because I had read it has negative affects energy levels and moods, among other things.

So I’ve learnt my lesson. The occasional sugary treat is okay, and I’ll save them for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas (I didn’t even eat an Easter egg this year!). But I will never, ever again consume sugar two days in a row and let it build up in my system. I don’t ever want to feel like that again. And I’m pretty sure Hubs would rather not have any more scratches down the side of the car! 😉