Plants vs Zombies: Birthday Cake

My little man’s party has come and gone, so it’s time to share some photos of the birthday cake! I baked two boxes of chocolate cake mix (bad Mummy…I’m still searching for that perfect recipe!) in square tins. After levelling off their tops, I sandwiched them together using the chocolate frosting that came in the box, then covered them with home made green buttercream icing.

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Plants vs Zombies: Fondant Toppers

It was after quite a bit of procrastination (that’s not like me at all 😉 ) that I finally got started on the fondant toppers for the Plants vs Zombies birthday cake. The plants were fun and fairly simple to make, but I only did the zombies head in the end. I get a bit nervous tackling human figures (even if they are undead!).

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