Plants vs Zombies: Fondant Toppers

It was after quite a bit of procrastination (that’s not like me at all 😉 ) that I finally got started on the fondant toppers for the Plants vs Zombies birthday cake. The plants were fun and fairly simple to make, but I only did the zombies head in the end. I get a bit nervous tackling human figures (even if they are undead!).

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For the love of zombies!

Only a few more days to go until our Plants vs Zombies party. I’ve been busy catching up on preparations, having fallen way behind over the school holidays. You’d think I would have learned from last year and started earlier!

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Brain cupcakes

At our school parents often send in cupcakes or some other treat on their child’s birthday to share in the class. So yesterday I asked my little man what sort of cupcake he’d like. “Mummy I want brain cupcakes to take to school on my birthday”.

Cool, I like a challenge, and that goes nicely with our zombie theme, so I found some photos on Pinterest and made these little beauties. I didn’t do the oozy filling that the originals have, instead I spread a layer of raspberry jam on top of the vanilla cupcakes to add a bit of yuck factor.

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Plants vs Zombies potted sunflowers

It’s been a crafty few days here. My little mans birthday is getting closer and I realised it’s time to get my rear into gear! So I’ve made potted sunflowers to decorate the house for his party. His friends can each take one home at the end of the day. I’m thinking I’ll put a little bag of sunflower seeds in them for the kids to plant in their gardens.

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