Ladybird Cake – Part 1

I have to admit this was a bit of a painstaking process – I spent the whole morning baking! The aim was to make a surprise inside cake, with hidden round red ‘ladybirds’, complete with black spots. I had been inspired by some amazing photos on pinterest, and just had to have a go at it myself. So with my nieces second birthday on the horizon I decided to take on the challenge.

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Spotty Dotty Cake

Lately I’ve seen photos of some really cool “surprise inside” cakes. They look just like regular cakes on the outside, but when you cut into them a pretty pattern is revealed. There have been checkers, hearts, shamrocks, zebra stripes, and my favourite – spots. I fell in love with a multi-coloured polka dot cake, and another one with ladybirds spots inside.


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