Back to reality!

We’re home again from our amazing trip to Maui. We didn’t want to say farewell to paradise, but it’s good to be back in our own beds! Now it’s time to get back on top of all things blog and Etsy! I’m about to start designing a new set of party printables for the Pinwheels & Pompoms Etsy store. And after a spell of only Friday Photos I’d better get to writing, so stay tuned for posts on our trip to Sydney and Maui.

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{Word of the Day} Coolth

It’s been a while since my first word of the day, so I thought it was time to revisit this gem. I haven’t had any new flashes of vocabulary brilliance, but the word I’d like to share with you today is an old favourite of mine!wotd2 coolth

Word of the Day:



1. the sensation of moderate coolness, or state of being cool

2. the opposite of warmth

e.g. The evening coolth had begun to make shiver, so I decided to put on something warmer.

So there you have it. Jodi’s word of the day. Until next time, keep making up new words! The sillier, the better 😉



One more sleep!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are jumping on a plane and heading north to spend some time in the sun. For six days we can escape our Southern Hemisphere winter and laze by the pool and relax. Possibly even with a cocktail! One more sleep. I can’t wait 😀 Broome here we come!camel2


{Word of the Day} Fontasise


I have a habit of making up silly words. They don’t make a whole lot of sense half the time, but they do make me giggle! My children seem to share this love of made up words too, or maybe that’s just kids being kids! Anyway, I thought I’d start sharing them.

Todays word of the day is:



to imagine which font would look best on your PicMonkey printable.