Cakes in 2012 – Rainbow Party

Our second party of 2012 was for DLT2, and we decided on a rainbow theme. There’s no shortage of ideas on the internet for this theme, and I collected lots of great images on pinterest. {I’m in the process of moving the rainbow party pins from my Party board to my Rainbow board – does anyone know an easy way to do this? It’s so slooooow!!}

I’m afraid I wasn’t very imaginative, but I just couldn’t go past the rainbow layered cake, and I loved the idea of hiding the colours under plain icing so the kids got a surprise when it was cut! I cheated (as I often do for birthday cakes I’m going to spend time decorating!) and used two packets of cake mix, dividing each into three, then colouring. Or was it three packets divided in half? It was a while ago now!

rainbow collage2

I went to town on the decorations, favours and party food all matching the rainbow theme as well, but I’ll go into those in a separate post.


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