Belated Easter goodies

I know, I know. It’s so far past Easter it’s just not funny. But I made a cute little Easter cake and some cookies, and just wanted to share them! I’d been so inspired by all the amazing iced cookies people are making around the world, that I thought I’d give it a go. I’m a little bit arty and crafty, so I thought I wouldn’t be too bad at it. ezsterCollage1   The problem is, I really didn’t make a good royal icing – I must practice that! It was all grainy and horrible, but I persisted with it because I didn’t want to waste the ingredients. Plus I was pretty sure the kids would eat them anyway, being so bright and colourful, and full of sugar too! notsoeasteryCollage The cake was chocolate, with frosting on the middle and top. I was obviously feeling a bit lazy that day and couldn’t be bothered making more frosting. But I think it looked cute like that, in a rustic {read scruffy} kind of way. As I discovered though, if a cake is going to sit around for most of the day before being eaten, you really should cover the sides as well. It was pretty hard by the time we cut into it. Oh well, it was still yummy, especially those cute little eggs on top! (maybe I shouldn’t be taking credit for something I pulled straight out of a packet though 😉 ). eastercakeCollage The kids had fun decorating a few of the cookies too. As much as I love the looked of rolled and decorated cookies, it’s just such a lot of work to get to the finished product. I’ll be trying again though, and I’m sure I’ll get better with practice. In the meantime though, maybe I’ll make a batch of drop cookies, they’re so much quicker to make. Which of course means you get to eat them sooner!!

The kids had a go at decorating the cookies as well!

The kids creative efforts!


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