Backyard exploration and mining

I don’t walk my dogs enough. There – I said it. So I really have no right whatsoever to complain when they get bored and chew stuff. Or when they have so much pent up energy that they decide to dig a huge hole.

But this one last week was a doozy. I was actually impressed that he had managed to dig so deep, and get lumps of dirt so far up the wall. And I say he, because I’m pretty darn sure it was Dug. Ellie just doesn’t have the technique to fling dirt that far. I’ve seen Dug getting right into it in the sand pit at the local park. He pulls back with both front paws at once and puts his whole little body into it. I laughed so hard the first time I saw him digging like that!


I got to wondering how we could rate the holes our furry little friends dig for us. The hardness of the ground would definitely have to be taken into consideration. We’ve just got sand here, so he doesn’t get any extra points for that. Depth of the hole is important. Dug managed to get an overhang happening, with little grass roots dangling down into the crevasse!

The distance they fling the dirt once it’s out of the hole should be in the equation too. Dug got the dirt a couple of metres from the hole, and it would have gone further if the wall hadn’t been in the way. I’m really impressed that he got enough speed up to make the dirt stick to the wall! And lastly, I thought the overall spread of the dirt should be considered.

So we end up with {hardness of ground x depth of hole x distance flung x width of spread}. I can now judge this major earth moving achievement against Dugs’ future efforts! The higher the score the better!

Just for the record, I took the pups for a really long walk down at the river this morning. They chased other dogs, ran in the water and had a great time. I haven’t peeked out the back yet, but I have to say, I’ll be mighty annoyed if they’ve done any digging today!!


A penny for your thoughts!

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