Jungle fondant cake toppers

A while ago I offered to make some fondant decorations for a friend to put on her daughters’ birthday cake. There were only two days to go until her party so I said nothing too big that would take a long time to make and dry. Her first thoughts were athletics and gymnastics, which scared me when I imagined making little people in a rush. But then she told me her daughter also loved jungle animals, so we went with that theme – much easier to make animals than people!

I had a look around pinterest and decided on some very cute three dimensional animal faces and some leaves. I also made leopard print letters to spell out the birthday girls name. For the animal print I found some great instructions at taste.com. They also did zebra and giraffe print. I guess the only problem with this technique is the waste factor, because if you roll out the fondant a second time all the colours mix together to make a yucky brown goo!

leopard letters

The animals looked great on the cake, and were a big hit with the kids. Each child got to take one home in their lolly bag!jungle fondant

Below are some basic pictorials on how to make a few of the animals. It’s my first attempt so I apologise if they’re difficult to follow!

Monkey Pictorial


Tiger Pictorial


 Leopard Print Pictorial

leopard print

Elephant Pictorial


So why not not have a go at making some of these for your childs’ next birthday? They’re easy, and fun to make. You could even let your kids try to make some. I didn’t do a step by step for all of the animals, but I’m happy to if anyone needs more help. Go on, give it a go!


10 thoughts on “Jungle fondant cake toppers

  1. veronique says:

    Bonjour Jodi, vraiment quelles bonnes idées! j’ai du mal à fabriquer certaines couleurs comme le marron car je n’en ai pas trouvé dans le commerce mais ce n’est pas grave. Merci pour ce partage.


  2. Sandra Campbell says:

    Really love these. May obtain step by step instructions for all the animals please. My son is having his 3rd birthday on September 4th. He is having a zoo themed party and these would be terrific. Thanks


  3. Myrab says:

    Thank-you for sharing just what I was looking for , my Grandson’s 1st birthday party is The Jungle guess who got to make cake ? love it x


  4. Eleanor says:

    I love these! Do you have a picture of the finished cake and can I please have instructions for all animals? Can’t wait to try these!


  5. Lisa says:

    Would love to know how to do each animal…they are gorgeous! Please could you send through instructions. Do you cook the fondant afterwards?


    • Sure Lisa! I will make a more in-depth tutorial once the school holidays are over! If I did it now, I think there would be more eating than constructing!


  6. vaishali108 says:

    Omg I love your animals!!! Pleeeeeease can I have step by step instructions for each animal as I’m practising for my little boy’s 1st bday cake for Jan xxx


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