Apples and Oranges

out with oldI’ve converted, defected, crossed the border never to return. I got a new computer and it’s a Mac. I’m going to throw the old one from the balcony! It was soooo slow. And loud. It sounded like a plane engine revving up ready to head down the runway. And that’s actually only a slight exaggeration!

This new baby is fast, quiet, and oh so pretty! I’ve lusted after iMacs for such a long time, but couldn’t afford to buy one. But I got some part time work supervising exams at a local university (great gig, by the way. I got to read a book and do crosswords and get paid for it!!) so decided to put my loot towards this sleek new model. Yay, but now I have to learn how to use it, hmm, I might be hanging out at the Apple shop doing lots of their workshops over the next few months! Hope they don’t get sick of me, or think I’m a creepy stalker. Oh well, …

I’ve been busy copying CD’s from my younger years into iTunes. And listening to some of the gems. Moody Blues at the moment, and soon the Steve Miller Band! Ha, it’s so funny listening to this stuff after so long. I still remember the words! Pity I can’t remember the words to the new music I hear on the radio, no room in my brain for that any more!

Now I just need to figure out how to transfer all the ‘stuff’ from my PC to the Mac, and ring up my email provider and get them to help me to set all that up too. Oh how I wish I was an Apple Genius!!


A penny for your thoughts!

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