Paris Party Invitations

A few months ago we had a Paris themed 10th party for my eldest daughter. She’s still very much into all things pink, so colour choice for the invitations and decorations was easy!I created the invitation in Picmonkey. I love playing around with the monkey! You can edit your photos, create a collage, or start with a blank canvas, which is what I did here. There are heaps of fonts to choose from, and loads of overlays to help add an extra bit of cuteness to your day!

paris invitation2

I got the background pattern from Moo and Puppy‘s Etsy shop. They sell a huge range of gorgeous digital scrapbooking paper. I think this one might be called Nicole, in pink of course!

paris invitation3

You can upload any background or image you like in the Overlay tab. Just click on ‘Your Own’ near the top of the screen, navigate to where it’s saved and select it. Once it pops up on the canvas or photo you’re working on, you can resize it until it’s just right. I made mine cover the whole canvas. Then to make editing easier you can click on ‘Merge’ so the canvas and the background become one.

The next step was to select a shape for the writing to go on. I chose this one from the Label section, but you could also use a geometric shape, one of their stars, or a speech bubble – anything really! You can colour match to any part of your picture when editing by  using the paint brush to click on the colour you like. I did this to match the border of the label, and some of the text to the pink of the background.

There isn’t an Eiffel tower picture in Picmonkey, so I grabbed one from a google search. It’s a bit fuzzy but it did the trick! I couldn’t find one on a clear background, so I used the eraser tool to rub out the white background where it got in the way of the border.

The finishing touch was a little ribbon I made with my trusty hot glue gun – love that thing! And I cut up an old sticky backed magnetic sheet and attached it to the back so the guests of honour could put it straight on their fridges!

paris invitation4

Creating printables and editing photos is fun and really simple in Picmonkey. It’s a free website, with the option to upgrade to Premium for a low annual fee. But there’s still plenty of useful and creative tools available in the free version. Especially for Christmas, Halloween, Valentines and Easter! Check it out some time, and happy creating!


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