Secret Agent Party Food & Desserts

Today I’m sharing some pics of the food and dessert we served at our Secret Agent birthday party. Wherever possible I tried to tie the party food in with the theme. The kids drank Truth Serum (water), and ate Secret Sandwiches, Detective Dogs (mini hot dogs), Meat Bombs (meat balls), Spy’s Pies (party pies) and fruit – unfortunately I didn’t think up a clever spy related name for the fruit in time! And the kids had eaten most of the savoury stuff before I thought to take a photo – oops! The food tents and water bottle labels I made using picmonkey.

spy label collage
For dessert there were Covert Cupcakes, Chocolate Bombs (Malteasers), Top Secret Jelly, Crime Scene Crackles (not the best I’ve ever made!), Mystery Bars and Cryptic Cookies. Oh, and plain old honey joys!

I got the layered jelly recipe from AndersRuff. It was the first time I’d tried to make it, and I think I made the milky layer too thick…next time I’ll do a couple of much thinner milky layers instead of one thick layer.spy dessert

I made two birthday cakes because my father-in-laws birthday is on the same day, and we planned to cut into the second cake later on with our family. The ruffle cake had a checker board pattern inside, and the other cake with a fish scale kind of icing pattern had dots hidden inside. The kids had to figure out what was hidden inside before we cut into one.

checker board cake1

It was my first time making a checker board surprise inside cake. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Check out my photo tutorial on how to make this cake, and soon I’ll do a tutorial on how to do the ruffle icing…



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