Chocolate ‘yogo’ {fructose free}

Did you eat Yogo as a kid? I did, and I loved it! But when trying to think of sweet treats for my own kids, that are also healthy and low in sugar, it felt a bit wrong giving them tubs of the store bought mud-like snack. So after a bit of good old internet research (not just surfing the net, honest!) I found a recipe for a homemade yogo and gave it a whirl.

yogo pour

It was originally designed to be cooked in a pot on a stove top, but as I have a thermomix I adapted the method to make life easier – why stand over a pot stirring when you don’t have to I say! I swapped the sugar for dextrose, and reduced the amount. I also added milk powder one day, getting my recipes mixed up. It tasted nice so I’ve just continued making it that way! I also added a bit more cornflour so it set a bit firmer. That can be dropped down to 4Tb if you prefer a slightly more lava-like version!

Fructose free chocolate blancmange

  • Servings: 6x175ml (6oz) pots
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Source:
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yogo all


  • 25g (4Tb) milk powder
  • 10-20g (2-4Tb) cocoa
  • 40g (5Tb) cornflour
  • 50g (6Tb) dextrose {or sugar if preferred}
  • 800g (800ml) milk


  1. Add dry ingredients to TMX bowl and blend 4sec/sp9. Scrape down sides of bowl
  2. Add milk and cook 90c/10min/sp4. If not thickened enough, cook again 90c/5min/sp4
  3. Pour straight away into small individual pots, cover to avoid a skin forming on top
  4. Allow to set in fridge for a few hours or overnight


  • use less cocoa if you have a strong tasting brand {I use 2Tb Nestle Baking Cocoa}
  • can be made using soy milk, but don’t over heat
  • try other flavours, such as vanilla {omit cocoa, add vanilla essence}, strawberry, banana, choc mint, choc banana…

If for some reason the yogo doesn’t set after a while in the fridge, don’t panic. I’ve stuck popsicle sticks in the mix at this stage and put it in the freezer – they make a great frozen treat!

yogo ice pops

Check out the original recipe if you don’t have a thermomix. There are also heaps of helpful comments from others who have cooked it, and altered the recipe in various ways. Bon appetit!



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