Plants vs Zombies potted sunflowers

It’s been a crafty few days here. My little mans birthday is getting closer and I realised it’s time to get my rear into gear! So I’ve made potted sunflowers to decorate the house for his party. His friends can each take one home at the end of the day. I’m thinking I’ll put a little bag of sunflower seeds in them for the kids to plant in their gardens.

I found some small plastic pots at our local Reject Shop, eight for $2, what a bargain! {the next time I was there I saw 16 tiny pots for $2 – they would have been cute to use!} Add some striped green paper straws, green, yellow and brown card, green crepe paper, a blob of BluTac, and Bob’s your uncle, or maybe Betty’s your aunt?!sunflower2

I cut the crepe paper into a fringe to look like grass while it was still folded straight, out of the pack. It was easy to then unravel into a long strand. The straw was stuck to the bottom of the pot with BluTac, and I cut leaf shapes out of the green card. I pulled out my kids glue stick and rubbed it around the inside of the pot to stick the crepe paper on. My fingers kept sticking to it, but I soldiered on! 😉


The leaves got the glue stick treatment as well, then it was time to tackle the sunflower face. I drew it freehand, then used the first one as a template to trace around. You could of course print out an image of the sunflower from the internet. Not sure why I didn’t do that actually! 😛 Then it was time to turn that sea of headless plants into cute, smiling sunflowers! I flattened the top of the straw and stuck an oval of green on the back to make it more secure.


Once I attached the heads the BluTac wasn’t enough to stop the flowers from leaning to one side. So I cut circles out of an old box, poked a hole in the middle with a pencil and pushed them inside the pots with the straws poking through. Problem solved! I thought about gluing a thin layer of sand onto the cardboard, but haven’t taken the plunge yet!


The main aim of the Plants vs Zombies game is to plant lots of plants that will kill the zombies, and stop them from attacking your house {and ultimately eating your brains :O}. So I printed out some labels to stick on the pots, reminding the kids to start planting!

sunflower w label

I think the finished flowers are pretty cute. I hope the kids think so too! I love that they’re going to be fun decorations for the party, as well as double as a favour for the kids to take home, maybe with a little bag of lollies hidden inside!


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