Brain cupcakes

At our school parents often send in cupcakes or some other treat on their child’s birthday to share in the class. So yesterday I asked my little man what sort of cupcake he’d like. “Mummy I want brain cupcakes to take to school on my birthday”.

Cool, I like a challenge, and that goes nicely with our zombie theme, so I found some photos on Pinterest and made these little beauties. I didn’t do the oozy filling that the originals have, instead I spread a layer of raspberry jam on top of the vanilla cupcakes to add a bit of yuck factor.


And I decorated a few of them with pretty rosettes, just in case some of the girls were a bit too squeamish to tackle the buttercream brains!


When I showed my little man the finished cupcakes his response to my works of art was…”They’re too gross Mum, I don’t want to eat one of those. I want one of the flower ones”. I guess that could be considered a compliment for my brainy creations. But I’m left wondering if any of them will actually get eaten at school today! O_o

{Happy birthday little dood! ❤ }

zombie eat2


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