Plants vs Zombies: Fondant Toppers

It was after quite a bit of procrastination (that’s not like me at all 😉 ) that I finally got started on the fondant toppers for the Plants vs Zombies birthday cake. The plants were fun and fairly simple to make, but I only did the zombies head in the end. I get a bit nervous tackling human figures (even if they are undead!).


I made a little Wall-nut and Tall-nut, a couple of Peashooters and Jalepenos, as well as a Puff-shroom and a Garlic thingy (not sure what his real name is!). Oh, and a couple of Sunflowers. Can’t forget the Sunflowers…they’re very important, especially at night!fondant2

When I got up the morning after making them though, many of the fondant toppers were glistening with moisture. I don’t know if it was the cool weather we’d been having, or if they got ‘steamed’ while I was cooking dinner the night before. Anyway, they enjoyed some 30 degree weather inside the oven for most of the day to dry out!


Luckily they survived and were okay to use on the cake. Although Tall-nut wasn’t looking quite as tall as he used to be, and the zombie head kind of squished and cracked 😛 Oh well, he’s supposed to look like he’s decaying, right! Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of the finished cake.




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