Plants vs Zombies: Birthday Cake

My little man’s party has come and gone, so it’s time to share some photos of the birthday cake! I baked two boxes of chocolate cake mix (bad Mummy…I’m still searching for that perfect recipe!) in square tins. After levelling off their tops, I sandwiched them together using the chocolate frosting that came in the box, then covered them with home made green buttercream icing.

cake3 The cake spent the night in the fridge because I was pretty much over food preparation by that stage of the evening, and I covered it with green rolled fondant on the morning of the party. I really need to watch another video on covering square cakes, cos my corners were not a pretty sight! Anyway, I put the ugliest corners at the back, and hid the front corners with my white picket fence! Problem solved :).

Then all I had to do was place my fondant friends on top, including the red tie my big girl made for her brother! I’d spelt out my little man’s name in fondant letters, but they turned out a bit too big to use, and totally the wrong colour (not sure what was I thinking there using black!?). cake Collage I managed to save a couple of the chocolate lawn mowers from the batch I’d dropped on the kitchen floor the day before 🙄 and put one either side of the cake, finishing it off with a little bit of buttercream icing grass (top photo). I hadn’t used the grass tip before – gee it was hard to push the icing through! But I think it finished off the cake nicely. cake4 I love that I’ve now got a bit of a reputation for going ever so slightly 😛 overboard with parties. As the children were dropped off their parents all came inside to check out the cake and decorations and take some photos. It’s nice to have people go ooh and aah when you’ve spent so much time on something (cos the kids never really notice! 😉 )


A penny for your thoughts!

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