Peppa Pig Party

My niece turned three on the weekend, so of course we had to have a party! One of her favourite characters is Peppa Pig, so I got busy making some party decorations to brighten up the event.

It was a bit last minute, and I was originally only going to bake a cute cake, but before I knew it my natural tendency to go ‘OTT’ got the better of me! I decided on a pastel pink and blue colour scheme because I’d recently bought some cute polka dot paper straws in those colours. And they seemed the perfect choice for a little girl!

pp dessert

While looking on Pinterest for ideas, I spotted Muddy Puddles, which were some sort of chocolate dessert, and loved the idea. I made chocolate mousse in little pink and white striped cupcake cases (just a word of advice, do not try and make jelly in those!! Silly me, they were not as water proof as I’d hoped!! 🙄 ) pp mud

We had ‘Daddy Pigs Wobbly Belly’ jelly cups. I used some insy winsy kid sized plastic bowls for the jelly – that was my measly attempt at limiting sugar intake through portion control XD I even used reduced sugar jelly, and the kids didn’t notice!

pp wobbly belly

Our Peppa Pops were marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with pink and white sprinkles. I attached them to some of my spotty pink straws! Cute and easy to make as a sweet party treat – though definitely not low sugar O_o

pp pops

We also had Granny Pigs Chocolate Chip Cookies, Grandpa Pigs Fresh Fruit, Georges Favourite Sandwiches (no ham allowed!) and Pig Free Sausage rolls.

pp savoury

And of course Mummy Pigs Chocolate Cake. I iced it with pink buttercream ruffles using a Wilton 104 tip. It uses a lot of icing, but it looks so cute, especially in soft pink! I had fun designing the signs for our food and dessert. I think they make a special occasion that little bit more special!

pp cake

I’d planned to make a cute little Peppa and George from fondant for the top of the cake, but left it a bit too late. Instead I made some miniature bunting from my spotty straws, twine, and scraps of patterned paper. I think my first attempt at non edible cake decor turned out kinda cute!pp hats

A fondant Peppa would have finished the cake off nicely, but my niece didn’t mind. She was so excited when she spotted the cake that we almost had a reverse party because she wanted to eat the cake as soon as she arrived. Come to think of it, why not. We could have sung happy birthday, eaten some cake, played for a bit, then come back for the savoury stuff later! Maybe next time. I think the birthday kid should be able to make the rules on their big day!

pp dessert2

I printed out a few pictures of the characters to stick on the wall, found some left over pink streamer, and grabbed my daughters’ pink bunting from their bedrooms to add a bit of colour.pp table

On the table I laid a fluffy white throw as the table cloth, and used pink plates, blue napkins, and pink cutlery tied together with blue patterned paper. I found some blue circle place mats and coasters to add a bit more colour to the table in the cupboard – I’d forgotten I had those!

pp water

I made wrappers for the water bottles, and decorated some little milk bottles with twine and a strip of patterned paper, then attached a party circle to each. We also made party hats for the kids to wear, which looked so cute on them!pp milk

And it’s not a party without lolly bags, so I made toppers for some ziplock bags and filled them with a few goodies to go! These printables are now available for sale in my Etsy store!

pp lolly

By the way, my nieces name is not Cutie – I’m just trying really hard not to mention any children’s names!


5 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Party

    • Thanks Holly. My kids all loved Peppa when they were a few years younger too. My nephew has requested Octonauts for his birthday in October. I thought it was so cute that he asked me to make him a special party too!


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