Marshmallow Pops

This week I’ve been busy helping out with the preparations for a 14th birthday party. A pink and white gathering of forty teenage girls! Now those are some pretty brave parents, especially as they’re having the party at home! And on a winters evening too!mmpop1

Luckily for me I was only in charge of marshmallow pops and the birthday cake. I decorated the pops earlier in the week as I figured there was nothing that would go off before the party!


I couldn’t get hold of the extra large marshmallows from the U.S. so had to settle for Pascals marshmallows. They’re a lot smaller, but taste great! I threaded three onto each lollypop stick then dipped them in melted white chocolate to completely cover them. Some I left white, and others I tinted pink. The white ended up being a little see-through, so maybe I’ll double coat them next time! I avoided candy melts this time as I’ve found them a bit difficult to work with in the past.


Once the chocolate was dry I drizzled random stripes of either white or pink chocolate over the whole pop, and then dipped most of them into sprinkles or coloured sugar. Some of them I left plain. I’m pretty happy with the end results, and they were well received when I dropped them off! Hopefully the party guests liked them too!


They’re so much quicker and easier to make than cake pops. No baking or shaping. No falling off the stick into your bowl of melted chocolate (mostly!). So why not give them a try for your next kids party!

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