Time to get your ghoul on!

I hadn’t been to Ikea for such a long time, and thought I’d pop along to grab the new catalogue (and maybe some meatballs!). I had to make sure I got home in time to pick up the kids from school, so I was trying to make it a fairly quick lap through the maze.

There was one thing that grabbed my attention in the kitchen section though. They had Halloween stuff and I must confess I got a little excited! I grabbed some cute napkins, paper plates, cups and cupcake liners. They also had metal tea light holders, and don’t forget the pumpkin and bat food label or place name holders. Could definitely use those for my daughters’ halloween themed birthday party this year!


There were rolls of paper table cloth in a couple of different patterns, and a few fluffy creatures of the night. On my, I was in heaven that’s for sure! I grabbed some round placemats while I was there (in black and orange of course!) and a set of three metal canisters in the same colours. The piece de resistance though was two pairs of curtains, one in orange the other black for only $15 each. I have tension rods that I use to hang decorations for parties and the holiday season, so they will add a bit more fun to the house on the night!


This one’s not from Ikea, but the kids and I were pretty pleased when we spotted this gingerbread haunted house in Coles supermarket. They also had a haunted train. I bet we can make ours look even more crooked than the one in this picture (without even meaning to O_o ).


Now to figure out how to set it all up! Halloween has never been very big in Australia, but since having children I’ve been getting a bit more into it each year! Before you know it I’ll be that weird old lady that completely decks out her front yard AND dresses up in character to hand out sweets to trick or treaters. Oh well, I guess it could be worse. I could be the creepy cat lady. 😛


A penny for your thoughts!

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