It’s been a long time since I studied maths. In fact it’s not much more than a distant memory {along with pretty much anything that happened more than five minutes years ago – I’m a bit of a gold fish!} My 9 year old DLT1 came home all excited last week with a note offering places in a before school maths club for her year group. So we signed her up, and got her to school this morning half an hour earlier than usual. I’m pretty sure I should be in the running for some kind of medal for that effort. 😉 The fact that I was unshowered, unbrushed, and not completely dressed is beside the point!

She enjoyed the session, and showed us some homework she’d been given. I read the question, and had a flash back to high school algebra. Feeling pretty confident I got out a pen and paper and started working it out. Hubs was feeling more than a little smug cos he thought he had worked it out already – in his head no less! I didn’t believe that for a second. I’m pretty sure I’m better at maths than him.

Here’s how the question went.


And here’s my really clever working out. I got there – eventually. And after a lot of fluffing about. I’m not sure how they expected 9 year olds to figure out a maths problem using high school level algebra and simultaneous equations. Funny thing is she did work it out though. And with a lot less messing about.


Sometimes I think I make things a little bit more difficult than I need to! Ah, the story of my life! 😉

I’ve been attacked by brain sucking monsters!

water lilyForgive me blog-land for I have sinned. I’ve had a very dry spell with my writing. We’ve just got through two weeks of school holidays, and one week of madly getting ready for DLT3’s Super Hero party, and now I’m finally starting to get brain function back again. Phew!

Just in case you’re wondering, the brain sucking monsters are indeed my children! I don’t seem to be able to harbour a single creative thought when they’re around.

So in future I think I’ll need to have some posts all ready to go in the lead up to school holidays, otherwise I’ll fall right out of the blog-o-sphere again. And we don’t want that now, do we! 😉

So full of enthusiasm


The other day my eldest DLT had her school swimming carnival. She’s been having swimming lessons since she was a tiny tacker, and is great at keeping her head above water – which is what we were aiming for. I just want to know that if any of my children were to fall into a body of water, they would be able to swim to safety. So tick, job done for child number one.

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Free Easter Printable


I’ve been playing around with picmonkey a bit lately and having all sorts of fun. You can edit photos, create collages, and make your own printables. And the best part is it’s free. I’ve upgraded to get all the extras (for only a few dollars per month), but there is an awful lot you can access with no outlay at all. Check it out!

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