{Travel} A week in Broome

… well, slightly less! But we managed to cram almost six full days into our five nights at Cable Beach Club Resort. The Family Pool, Cable Beach Club Not that we did a whole lot while we were there! Mostly we hung out by the pool. Us grown ups reclined on poolside lounges sipping the occasional cocktail, while the kids made the most of the facilities at the resort.

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One more sleep!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are jumping on a plane and heading north to spend some time in the sun. For six days we can escape our Southern Hemisphere winter and laze by the pool and relax. Possibly even with a cocktail! One more sleep. I can’t wait 😀 Broome here we come!camel2

Back to Bridgetown

Well winter has officially arrived in Oz, so we decided it was time to visit the place we fondly know as ‘Fridgetown’! Who doesn’t love a bit of steamy breath action early in the morning? And living in Perth we don’t get a whole lot of that, so the novelty doesn’t have a chance to wear off!

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