Three steps forward…

…and two steps back. That seems to be the direction our lives have taken over the past several months. Our three kids had finally reached an age where we didn’t have to worry quite so much about leaving sharp or hot things near the edge of the kitchen bench. Didn’t have to panic about breakable items being within reach. And we no longer had to make sure we’d closed a baby gate so a tiny person wouldn’t hurt themselves on the staircase.

We had sold the baby gate, and started putting stuff wherever we pleased. Oh, the freedom! Such a simple thing that we take for granted when we don’t share a house with small children. Then we had to have our beloved old golden retriever put to sleep after she started having seizures. It seemed strange not having a dog in the house. And she had been such a good dog, no bother really. Only wanted for a pat, a meal and a walk.

So we decided to get a puppy. I informed Hubs that as he had chosen our previous dog, it was my turn to choose this time. And I was keen to get a different breed. Hubs, on the other hand, had only ever known one type of dog his whole life. So somehow we ended up agreeing to get two dogs. Two puppies that is. Sigh. We had obviously blocked out of our minds what it’s like to have a puppy in the house, let alone two of the little devils!


Since then we’ve bought a new baby gate, and had too many piddles (and quite a few poops) on the floor to count. That’s why we got the baby gate actually – to keep our furry little man off the carpets that he decided were his personal toilet. Anything left within reach of our by now quite tall dogs is fair game to be grabbed and taken outside to be chewed. Including a brand new earring. You don’t ever want to have to collect and sift through poops looking for hidden treasure, believe me!

So that’s the state of our home at the moment. Three young kids freshly out of the baby/toddler/preschool stages, and two young dogs making sure we don’t ever get any ideas about having a fourth child. 😉 I am sooo going to adopt an older dog next time!

Meet our furry children

We have two gorgeous furry children in our family, and I think it’s high time I introduced them to you! They’re both just over a year old, so are still well and truly in the destructive phase of puppyhood. Once upon at time we had a back lawn. And some comfy outdoor chairs. And a garden hose without holes. You get the idea!

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