Chocolate ‘yogo’ {fructose free}

Did you eat Yogo as a kid? I did, and I loved it! But when trying to think of sweet treats for my own kids, that are also healthy and low in sugar, it felt a bit wrong giving them tubs of the store bought mud-like snack. So after a bit of good old internet research (not just surfing the net, honest!) I found a recipe for a homemade yogo and gave it a whirl.

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Mango & raspberry sorbet

The kids requested a smoothie this morning, so I pulled out some frozen fruit and milk. Part way through the process though we decided to have a more solid treat. I’m not sure whether to call it a sorbet or ice-cream, but it sure was yummy!

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Paprika Chicken

paprika chicken

I tried a new dish in the thermomix last night. My fussy eater was having a sleep over, so I lashed out and tried a different flavour! It was Paprika Chicken from Quirky Cooking. The whole thing was done in the thermomix – rice in the bowl, chicken in the varoma tray, and vegetables added to the varoma dish for the last 10 minutes. A quick sauce wizzed up after taking out the rice, et voila! So simple, and yummy too. I’m definitely going to try more recipes from Jo Whitton’s site. By the way, the chicken was nowhere near as pink as it looks in the photo!

From one Carton of Cream…


I bought a thermomix late last year. It almost broke the bank – I had to sell all of the kids old gear. But it doubled as a great opportunity to get rid of stuff we didn’t need any more. Like the pram, change table, kiddie bike seat and bike trailer. You name it, I put it on Gumtree (that’s an Aussie version of Craigs List). And most of it went. Beauty! More space in our very cramped garage, and money in my secret hiding spot to go towards a thermie!

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