Madness…school holiday style!

It’s the mid-year school holidays here in Perth, and now that we’re home from our trip to Broome (ouch – major reality check!) it’s become all about keeping the kids amused!

I don’t have the stamina (or the funds!) to take them out every day, so we try to have a few home days thrown in here and there. Sometimes it’s just us and we might bake, or maybe do some craft or play a board game.

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It’s zombie season!

I’m nearing party panic mode today. Not quite there yet, but it’s only a matter of days now until I realise how much I have to get done! Today all the kids were supposed to be back at school after two weeks of holidays, but my little man is still getting over his tummy bug. Thank goodness it didn’t hit him a few days later – that would NOT be a nice way to spend your birthday!

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Party Invitation {Plants vs Zombies}

zombie invite sample
It’s time to send out invitations for my little man’s party. I think his friends will get a kick out of these! Can’t wait for the big day!

Secret Agent Party Decorations & Favours

Today it’s time to show you the decorations we put up around the house to set the mood for our Secret Agent party. The colour scheme  was yellow with some black and white. We decorated the front door,  the tables in the hall, and around the living room. Here are some photos from the day…

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